Our frequently asked questions:

A: MINTD is a recruiting platform that specializes in connecting top talent with employers . We provide a range of services including sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and managing the hiring and immigration process.
A: We specialize in a wide range of positions across various industries including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, IT, consulting and more. Our team of recruiters has expertise in finding candidates for positions ranging from entry-level to executive roles.

A: Our fees are based on a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary and vary depending on the level of the position and the scope of the search. We are happy to discuss our fees in more detail during the initial consultation.

A: Our services for talents are completely free of charge.

A: We define MINTD as an international network with a focus on women but welcome all genders and individuals in our community who support gender equality.

A: We revolutionize the recruitment industry by providing exceptional opportunities for women in STEM to develop their skills sustainably. We aim to empower women by connecting them with companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion, and by providing ongoing training and development programs to help them succeed in their careers. Through our commitment to sustainable skill development, we will not only help women reach their full potential but also support the growth and success of our client companies. Our ultimate goal is to create a world where women have equal access to opportunities and are able to thrive in the workplace.

A: Check our job postings frequently and send your application to